Welcome to Infamous ARK!

Truly the best ARK Cluster, created by Novah WSI.
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Infamous ARK is for you

Hi, I'm Novah and I'd like to talk to you about InfamousARK. While it is PVP; we have a 24 hour grace period for all newcomers. There are semi-friendly alphas and everyone basically gets along with everyone. This is a 5 server cluster including; Ragnarok, The Island, TheCenter, Extinction & Aberration. It is set to 100x, with custom recipes, high stack sizes, instant taming, fast crafting, boosted stats, instant leveling and a custom currency that allows you to buy in-game items!! So come, join us on an adventure and become one of the few, the Infamous...

Server Online For

This is the timer that started at the exact moment InfamousARK went public. It's been growing and sharing ARKs' beauty ever since!

Play with your friends

Create a tribe and invite your pals or some new people. Engage in PVP with other tribes to see who will hold the title of Alpha!

Join us on Discord for 24/7 support! You can donate for rewards
and talk to other players! While also being able to speak to an admin.